Sinka LLC is a proactive boutique law firm,
with a global perspective and attention to detail.


We are based in Cyprus and represent closely held businesses, families and high net worth individuals.

We are a results driven firm and we believe that success could be achieved by building relations of trust. Our remuneration philosophy is aligned to the benefit of our clients.

Clients depend on our ability to broadly understand their business environment, opportunities and risks.

We help our clients to coordinate, negotiate and navigate through complex commercial, regulatory, economic and family issues.


We Care For What Is More Important To You

We provide holistic solutions and collaborate, when necessary, with experts and other associates to help handle specific projects, fulfill aspirations and realise goals. We offer Business, Wealth and Family related services.


We are involved in transactions and conflict resolution, predominantly within the sectors of banking & finance, real estate, ICT and Energy, both on a local and international level.


We assist our clients to purchase, manage and dispose of their personal assets and structures.


We provide an integrated personalised service for our clients to handle private and family related issues.


We Defend What Is More Important To You

Pro Bono

Throughout the years, we engage pro bono, in projects and cases that we feel are close to our hearts.